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Welcome to DU Cheer of Central Florida where we bring the energy and spirit of cheerleading to Sebring and Wauchula! Whether you’re looking to join a competitive cheerleading team or enjoy the fun of recreational cheerleading, we’ve got the perfect program for you.

Looking for cheerleading programs right here in Sebring and Wauchula? Dance Unlimited is your go-to destination! We’re proud to offer cheerleading opportunities in both locations, bringing the excitement of cheerleading to our local communities. Our convenient locations make it easy for aspiring cheerleaders of all ages to join our programs and experience the joy of cheerleading close to home.


Class Schedules


Types of Cheer






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2024-25 Schedule Coming Soon!

Types of

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Recreational Cheerleading

Cheerleading isn’t just for the pros; it’s for everyone who wants to have a blast and be part of an amazing team. Our recreational cheerleading program is designed to promote teamwork, build confidence, and enhance physical fitness while having an absolute blast. No experience is necessary! Whether you’re a beginner or have a cheerleading background, our skilled instructors will guide you through a variety of cheers, dance routines, jumps, and basic stunts.  Join us and become part of a supportive and energetic community!

Competitive Cheerleading

If you’re a passionate cheerleader seeking the thrill of competition, our Allstar cheerleading program is just what you need. At Dance Unlimited, we provide top-notch training, expert coaching, and a supportive team environment that will push you to reach new heights. Our experienced coaches will guide you through intricate routines, stunts, tumbling, and choreography to help you excel at regional and national competitions. Join us and experience the exhilaration of Allstar cheerleading!


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Anslee Miller

Cheerleading, Tumbling, & Acro

Anslee has been a part of Highlands County since she was just 4 years old. At the age of 8, she discovered her passion for cheer and tumbling, and it has been a thrilling journey ever since. Coaching became a natural progression for Anslee at the age of 15, and it has truly transformed her life. The impact of coaching was so profound that it inspired her to pursue teaching as a career. Today, she proudly serves as a dedicated teacher in Highlands County, sharing her knowledge and enthusiasm with her students. Certified in coaching levels 1-3 in cheer building and tumbling, Anslee finds some of her greatest joy in being part of a cheer family. As a coach, Anslee loves witnessing her athletes' personal growth and development. There is nothing more rewarding for her than seeing individuals flourish under her guidance.

Kristi Himrod

Acro Instructor

Kristi Himrod is an amazing mom of 2 sweet girls that started out as a gymnast from Wauchula! Kristi studied gymnastics competitively from elementary school through early high school before she became a cheerleader. After high school, Kristi studied accounting at the University of Florida where she received her Masters degree. Kristi is currently a CPA working in nonprofit tax before she brings her daughters to dance and shares her love of gymnastics and performing with the students of Dance Unlimited.


Haley White

Cheerleading, Tumbling, & Acro

Haley White has been a part of cheer for the past 13 years. Not only was she an Allstar Cheerleader herself, she cheered competitively for Sebring High School, did sideline cheer and cheered in college at FGCU. She is an incredible tumbler that has studied under many accredited programs when it comes to tumbling and cheer. Haley has been coaching for over 6 years now and is extremely energetic and excited to bring that knowledge and energy to Dance Unlimited’s cheer and tumbling program.

Jacey Hamilton

Dance & Acro Instructor

Jacey Hamilton, a native of Sebring, Fl, was born and raised in the area. She pursued her studies at the University of Florida, where she earned a Bachelor of Science degree in advertising. Currently, Jacey is furthering her education as a graduate student in the UF CJC program. Jacey's involvement with DU began at a very early age of two. Over the years, she actively participated in the DU Legacy competition team, showcasing her talent and dedication. She also took on the role of a student teacher, sharing her expertise and passion for dance with others. Beyond the dance studio, Jacey, alongside her husband Scott, owns and operates Hamilton's Fruit Tree Nursery. In addition to managing the nursery, Jacey utilizes her skills in marketing through her business, Blossoming Brands Marketing and Design. Jacey's love for acro and dance extends beyond her personal pursuits. She takes great joy in sharing her knowledge and expertise with the Wauchula studio, enriching the lives of aspiring dancers. Jacey's multifaceted interests and commitment to her community make her a valuable member of the DU family. She continues to inspire others through her dedication to dance and her entrepreneurial endeavors.


Lisa Kern

Dance and Acro Instructor

From a young age, Lisa was captivated by the world of dance. At 4, she took her first dance class in Pembroke Pines, Florida. In 1989, Lisa relocated to Sebring, Florida, and continued to dance at Camille's Dance School. During her time at Sebring High School, Lisa was involved in both the JV cheer team and the hi-steppers dance team. In 1994, Lisa became a member of the SFCC coed cheer team, further fueling her passion for dance and cheerleading. When her daughter began her own dance journey in 2010, Lisa naturally gravitated towards assisting in classes at DU. Eventually, she transitioned to teaching her own classes, sharing her knowledge and love for dance. Lisa has taught various genres offered at DU including Pre-dance, acro for all ages, tap, ballet, jazz, and even coaching Allstar cheer for two years. Passing on her expertise and watching as young talents bloom is something that Lisa takes great pride in. Dance is a truly transformative art form, and she is grateful to be part of the journey for aspiring dancers and cheerleaders.

Cost of

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2024-25 Tuition

Our tuition is calculated depending on the level of classes your child is enrolled in and the number of classes they take (regardless of the length of the class).

Monthly Tuition 

1st class: $55

2nd class: $93.50 (30% discount)

3rd class: $126.50 (40% discount)

A 10% discount will be calculated to each additional class up to 80%.

Private Lessons Available | $25 per lesson
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