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DU of Central Florida Summer Camps offer an enriching blend of enjoyment and skill-building opportunities for students eager to delve into the worlds of dance, acro, and cheerleading. Beyond the joyous atmosphere, these camps are meticulously crafted to foster personal growth and camaraderie among participants. While students engage in a myriad of exciting activities and creative expression, they also benefit from structured lessons aimed at expanding their repertoire of techniques and styles in dance, acro, and cheerleading. Through interactive workshops, collaborative projects, and supportive mentorship, camp attendees not only acquire new skills but also forge lasting friendships with peers who share their passion across these disciplines. DU of Central Florida Summer Camps thus serve as dynamic platforms for holistic development, where students cultivate confidence, creativity, and a sense of belonging within a vibrant community of fellow performers and enthusiasts.

Check Out Our Upcoming

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Camp Swiftie | June 10th - 16th

Acro & Tumbling Bootcamp | June 24th - 27th

Cheer Bootcamp | July 15th - 18th

Ballerina Princess Camp Sebring | June 17th - 20th 

Ballerina Princess Camp Wauchula | June 24th - 27th 

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